September 27, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

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TaLDA Day 1 at Muskegon Community College

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Today was the first day of the TaLDA (Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age) conference at Muskegon Community College.   Attendees included instructors, counselors and instructional designers from Muskegon Community College and other institutions across Michigan.

This week-long event is produced by Dr. Maria Andersen ( @busynessgirl ).  I have had the opportunity to team teach Social Media with Maria over the past semester.  After 45 hours of teaching together I continue to be amazed by here ability to wow students and instructors alike by presenting real technology solutions and ideas to the educational process.  This is not just technology for the sake of technology, but technology with real pay off in the educational setting.

Today’s topics included:

  • An overview of the Canvas LMS (which is very nice)
  • Mindmaps (primary example was Mindomo)
  • HTML basics
    • simple tag structure and placement
    • embedding content
  • Web site content creation (primary tool was Google Sites)
  • Internet search basics
  • Google tools (beyond search)
  • Windows 7 basics
    • Peek
    • Shake
    • Search
    • Pinning
  • Capturing video using Jing (other video capture tools coming later in the week)
  • Image capture using Jing
  • Video and Image archiving using

And there are still four days left.

If you are interested in joining the class virtually, Maria has set up a class shell using the Canvas LMS.  Contact her at for access.

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