September 27, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

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Social Media Policy Workshop – Grand Haven Chamber

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Social Media (SoMe) Policies are NOT One-Size-Fits-All

This hands-on session was originally developed for use with member of the Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg Chamber of Commerce.  We reviewed policies from a variety of organizations and discovered what would work and possibly not work for individual member organizations.

  • Your SoMe policy should reinforce existing corporate structure and policy or existing corporate structure and guidelines should be altered to not contridict your SoMe policy.
  • SoMe policies not only provide governance, but also and exercise in understanding how social media could impact your organization.
  • Organizations should leverage internal resources in the development of their policies
    • Many stakeholders in your organization may have more insight than the people writing the policy
    • Many stakeholders may consider themselves “experts” at social media but have minimal ability to understand how social media will really impact the organization

Types of Social Media Policies

Providing Governance

  • Technology solutions
  • Peer review
  • Open solutions (hope for the best)

Social Media Policy Template 

Social Media Policy Template March 2013 Version B

Feature image for this article used by permission of ePublicist

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