September 27, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

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Social Media for Landscapers, Horticulturalists and Nurserymen

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On Wednesday, February 12th I will present to the industry leaders of West Michigan Nursery & Landscape Association.

Session description:

Social media is surrounded by both hype and well-reasoned justification.

While social media “cheerleaders” (often trying to sell you a product or service) tell entrepreneurs their business venture is doomed without social media, cynics can be heard saying it is a waste of time and a distraction. Who should you listen to and how do  you sort the fact from fiction.

In this session we will take a realistic look at real world facts about how social media can help your business.  We will also have an honest discussion about the potential pitfalls and draw backs.  You will leave with some creative examples of how the nursery and landscape industry can use social media to their advantage.

Image courtesy of: Sofiaperesoa

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