September 27, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

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Data Visualization Tools

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As we collect more data and have more access to data, we can all benefit from tools to help us visualize the data.  Easy access to these types of tools can have its downside.  Users relying only on data visualization can end up making bad data decisions if complicated datasets are oversimplified with “infographics” and other visual tools.

I am starting a list of easy to use and accessible tools for basic data visualization.  Please let me know of your favorite visualization tools.

Wordle – insert a list of words and obtain a customizable word cloud –

gmailMeterGraphGmail Meter – provides a visual representation of the way you use email.  Find answers to questions like, how many emails conversations do you participate in each month, what are the most active email threads you participate in, what your average response time to emails.  Additional details about email volume by day, date, hour and other stats are also provided. –


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