September 27, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

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Google Analytics 201 Coming to Grand Haven Fall 2015

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Google Analytics Training Coming to Grand Haven this Fall

This event is a┬ácontinuation of the Grand Haven Chamber of Commerce’s February Google Analytics 101 session. Christopher VanOosterhout of Licentia LLC and Muskegon Community College will help students move beyond basic Analytics.

Past participation in the Google Analytics 101 class is not required, but attendees should have already established their free Google Analytics account before this session.

Participants will explore how to make sense of the data, learn to use some more advanced tools to build information dashboards, data segments and data set overlays, and create filters and goals within Google Analytics. Well-constructed goals will help participants track exactly how their web presence promotes or restricts sales, lead generation and traffic. Participants who bring their own device will be able to test demonstrated techniques on their own data.

Watch for dates, location and more information coming soon.

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