September 27, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

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There are a few simple, life-saving reasons why we treat tap water

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The founders of a company called Live Water, which sells unfiltered, untreated water in glass containers, want customers to believe that tap water is just too “dead.”

Founder Mukhande Singh told the The New York Times that those who drink the regulated H2O that comes out of kitchen taps, public water fountains, and garden hoses are ” drinking toilet water with birth control drugs in them.”

In San Francisco, his idea has gathered quite a following: the water is regularly sold out in grocery stores and people are spending more than $1 per glass to the drink water that’s never been treated.

The company warns consumers on its site: “Consult your health care provider before making a decision to switch your drinking water source.”  But food safety experts tell Business Insider it’s a terrible idea to drink untreated water.

There are billions of people around the world living a “raw” water lifestyle right now. And it’s not very glamorous.

Chemicals like lead, microbes from feces (both animal and human), pesticide runoff, and underground waste are just some of the global threats to clean drinking water.

The US water system isn’t perfect. A 2009 New York Times investigation found there was enough arsenic in the water in some parts of Texas, Arizona and Nevada to contribute to cancer.


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