September 27, 2022

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Semi-Autonomous Tesla Crashes Into Parked Fire Truck on California Freeway

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Updated | A Tesla Model S travelling at 65 mph in autopilot mode has crashed into a parked fire truck on a California freeway, prompting safety concerns surrounding the electric car maker’s self-driving technology.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the accident, which took place on Monday, January 22, on Interstate 405.

The fire truck had been parked with its light flashing in the emergency lane and carpool lane at the scene of a previous accident, according to Culver City Fire Department.

Pictures of the Tesla Model S, which crashed into a fire truck on the 405 freeway in California, were shared by the Culver City Firefighters. Culver City Firefighters

“While working a freeway accident this morning, Engine 42 was struck by a #Tesla traveling at 65mph,” the Culver City Fire Department said on Twitter.

“The driver reports the vehicle was on autopilot. Amazingly there were no injuries! Please stay alert while driving.”

The driver of the Tesla was offered a medical evaluation but refused treatment and showed no signs of injury, according to Culver City Fire Department chief Ken Powell.

In a separate incident over the weekend, a man was arrested and charged with a DUI after police discovered him passed out behind the wheel of a Tesla vehicle travelling in autopilot mode on the Bay Bridge in California.

Tesla responded to both incidents by reiterating previous comments stating that its autonomous technology is only meant to assist drivers, not replace them.



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