October 5, 2022

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Kellogg’s RX brand launches protein-rich cereals

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Kellogg's RX brand launches protein-rich cereals

Kellogg\'s RX brand launches protein-rich cereals

Cereal is an appealing option for RX’s entry into the breakfast space, since it’s a timeless staple that can be prepared quickly. As consumers return to post-pandemic life, breakfast time may be cut short, putting an emphasis on portable items or meals that can be made quickly.

RX’s new cereal also touts its use as an afternoon snack that consumers could enjoy as a cereal or more like a granola. Cereal has evolved into a popular snack option with 30% of cereal being consumed during non-breakfast hours, according to data from a 2019 Burke Landmark Eating Occasions Study cited by RX owner Kellogg. Its versatility could increase the new RX Cereal’s chance for success depending on how much the increase in breakfast consumption gained during the pandemic remains as consumers return to work and their hectic commutes.

The added protein, along with its avoidance of artificial colors, flavors, ingredients or preservatives, may help the RX Cereal stand out. Consumers continue to show strong interest in plant-based proteins and healthy eating, making RX’s latest breakfast item on trend. This is RX’s newest foray into the plant protein space. It launched a plant-based protein bar in June called RXBar Plant while its oatmeal cups also place an emphasis on the essential nutrient.

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