Christopher VanOosterhout

  • CIS and Business instructor at Muskegon Community College (since 2001)
  • Online Learning Coordinator, The LIFT Institute of Muskegon Community College (December 2011 – December 2015)
  • CIS Coordinator at Muskegon Community College (starting January 1, 2014)
  • Managing Partner, Licentia LLC (Web hosting and eBusiness consulting services with an emphasis on non-profits as well as lead management and CRM in automotive, insurance and finance industries).
  • 22 years of eBusiness experience working with non-profits, local small businesses and muti-billion dollar corporations.  Areas of specialization include SEO, SEO, Social Media, paid online advertising, end user experience and information architecture. (since 1994)
  • Media and Marketing Director:  Unity Events – producing special events from intimate concerts to festivals with attendance of up to 60,000 (since 2001)
  • Past companies where I have worked as an employee include: Gospel Communications Network , Bible Gateway,, Torresen Marine

From Twitter: Believer, husband, father, educator, student – entrepreneurial interests: education, SEO, analytics, social media, marketing, communications, economic, politics & technology.

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