October 5, 2022

Christopher vanOosterhout

eBusiness, Marketing, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Privacy & Data Consulting and Speaking


Christopher VanOosterhout

I am a privacy advocate with concerns about how our society can leverage data for good decision making while protecting the privacy, security and humanity of people.   As a technology advocate, I help am interested in helping to leverage technology in responsible ways that respect humanity.  Techonology should be a tool for providing freedom and not bondage to society.

Vocationally, I am eBusiness strategist with 25 years of eBusiness experience working with non-profits, local small businesses and multi-billion dollar corporations.

This includes director-level oversight of eCommerce operations with more than 500,000 products. Areas of specialization include SEO, SEO, Social Media, paid online advertising, end-user experience (UI/UX)  and information architecture. (since 1994).  Today I help organizations through my consulting company, Licentia (Freedom/Liberty), LLC .  My firm specializes in helping non-profits and for-profits in the area of social media, eMarketing, eCommerce, lead management, and custom CRM implementations in the automotive, insurance, and finance industries.

I currently and actively manage email lists and social media properties with ten of thousands of subscribers and followers.   I am also actively and currently involved in digital ad purchase and traditional ad purchases in television, radio, billboards, out of home, and sponsorships.

I currently serve as Business faculty at Muskegon Community College (since 2001) with an emphasis on the intersection of business and technology.


I have serve on various business, civic and social organizations.  For the past 20 years I have served in the role of Media and Marketing Director director for Unity Christian Music Festival (Unity Christian Events) – producing special events from intimate concerts and seminars to music festivals with attendance of up to 60,000 (since 2001)

Past related employment include: Gospel Communications Network , Bible Gateway, OnePlace.com and Torresen Marine, Inc.

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