The practice of trolling is being redefined by marketers as a disruptive and effective marketing platform that speaks to a new generation of people who use social media constantly, both young and old. It’s a means of direct and immediate communication and it creates a much coveted, totally interactive engagement with consumers. It’s also probably… Read More

Whole Foods new ads are meant to make consumers chuckle, and relate to the shoppers depicted in the spots. There’s a Dad with a full cart calling home to ask what he was shopping for (diapers), a vegan-turned-paleo at the meat counter ordering steaks like its going out of style, and a chatty woman explaining… Read More

Not only is the first time Wendy’s has directly called out a competitor in its TV advertising, the brand is also trying to translate the sassiness of its social media posts — which customers have come to love, according to a spokesperson in a statement provided to Marketing Dive — to reach a wider broadcast audience. Wendy’s… Read More

Measuring the success and determining the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns have been major challenges for marketers, but investment in the space shows no sign of slowing. Digiday’s report underscores how more major brands like Mars and Nike are trying to get the most of their spend and take stronger control of their strategies by… Read More

In a Q&A with Marketing Dive, Eric Reynolds dishes on why he’s bullish on a number of digital technology areas other CPGs have either stepped back from or might be considerably underestimating. If one were to sum up The Clorox Company’s marketing outlook in one word, the word might be optimistic — even bullish — based… Read More

CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the conference call with analysts to impress upon the business community how serious it is about changing the News Feed experience in ways that aim to improve people’s well-being and society overall. For marketers, the big takeaway is that it’s getting significantly more expensive to reach Facebook users, with ad prices… Read More

With its first Super Bowl ad, Pringles is going big as it expands its “Flavor Stacking” campaign with a celebrity appearance to broaden the campaign’s appeal and reach a much larger audience. In October, Pringles created a “flavor stacking” out-of-home activation pop-up event in New York City’s Times Square called “Pringles Stack Shack” and featuring TV personality… Read More

Brands big and small are experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI), with varying levels of success. Amazon uses AI to predict what you want to buy; Spotify leverages it to select music for your playlists; and digital assistants like Apple’s Siri are AI tools personified. But among those successes are plenty of missteps. As far as… Read More

JPMorgan Chase’s chief marketing officer, Kristin Lemkau.Getty/John Lamparski When some brands’ ads ended up next to troubling videos on YouTube last March, JPMorgan Chase responded by pulling its ads from the platform. Dissatisfied with YouTube’s slow response, the bank decided to take matters into its own hands and create an internal tool to make sure… Read More