Gatorade sales have been struggling due to a consumer preference for water and a move away from sugary drinks. A 32-ounce bottle of Gatorade’s tangerine flavor has 52 grams of sugar. At a time where sugar is public enemy number one, this is not helping the sports drink. There also is increased competition from new… Read More

Light beer, long the brunt of jokes, has taken over. It seems that the trend toward healthier eating and drinking has extended to the beverages Americans consume at happy hour and while watching the big game. And while demand for better-for-you food and beverage options may explain why light beers are having a moment, there may… Read More

An online search for “marshmallow treats recipe” will yield pages of blogs and websites where consumers created their own version of the popular Rice Krispies Treats. Some homemade recipes include gluten-free versions as well as ones that swap out white rice for brown. But in its latest rollout, which the company said was inspired by social… Read More

“Dilly dilly,” a nonsensical phrase prominently featured in Bud Light’s current advertising campaign, has become a viral meme success for the brand thanks to TV commercials, social media integrations and mentions on shows and live events, The New York Times reported. The phenomenon strongly echoes the ubiquity of Budweiser’s “Whassup?” tagline from the late ’90s. Debuting… Read More

Hershey and Cargill’s departures add to a growing list of high-profile companies that have left the powerful industry lobbying group during the last year. Most firms that have severed their ties have been largely silent on why they have decided to leave. Campbell Soup, which announced last summer it would leave at the end of 2017,… Read More

Amazon has developed capabilities for its Alexa Smart Home Skill API that allow other developers to create skills to allow Alexa-powered devices in the U.S. to control cooking functions on microwave ovens, according to Amazon’s Alexa developers blog. Support for other cooking devices, such as conventional ovens, is coming soon, and capabilities will eventually be… Read More

  Nissin’s ongoing collaboration with Square Enix gives the brand an opportunity to capitalize on Final Fantasy’s large global fan base. The long-running series has sold more than 135 million units worldwide, according to the release, pointing to the potential reach of a partnership that aims to deepen existing ties to the noodle brand. Nissin is leveraging… Read More

  Diehard sports fans love a good rivalry, and Pizza Hut’s pairing of players with big personalities could make the “50 Yard Delivery Dash” another score with fans. Encouraging fans to engage during the event via its social channels helps the brand keep the conversation going around its game-day activities while offering exclusive deals for… Read More

The founders of a company called Live Water, which sells unfiltered, untreated water in glass containers, want customers to believe that tap water is just too “dead.” Founder Mukhande Singh told the The New York Times that those who drink the regulated H2O that comes out of kitchen taps, public water fountains, and garden hoses are ” drinking… Read More