The practice of trolling is being redefined by marketers as a disruptive and effective marketing platform that speaks to a new generation of people who use social media constantly, both young and old. It’s a means of direct and immediate communication and it creates a much coveted, totally interactive engagement with consumers. It’s also probably… Read More

Gatorade sales have been struggling due to a consumer preference for water and a move away from sugary drinks. A 32-ounce bottle of Gatorade’s tangerine flavor has 52 grams of sugar. At a time where sugar is public enemy number one, this is not helping the sports drink. There also is increased competition from new… Read More

With its first Super Bowl ad, Pringles is going big as it expands its “Flavor Stacking” campaign with a celebrity appearance to broaden the campaign’s appeal and reach a much larger audience. In October, Pringles created a “flavor stacking” out-of-home activation pop-up event in New York City’s Times Square called “Pringles Stack Shack” and featuring TV personality… Read More

  Diehard sports fans love a good rivalry, and Pizza Hut’s pairing of players with big personalities could make the “50 Yard Delivery Dash” another score with fans. Encouraging fans to engage during the event via its social channels helps the brand keep the conversation going around its game-day activities while offering exclusive deals for… Read More