An analysis of how unprepared businesses are to fight back against the continued problem of ransomware is featured in the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report. Ed Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber and former CISO at AT&T, predicts ransomware attacks will be even more widespread and devastating in 2018, and that without the proper… Read More

“Compared to the mega-breaches that hit the healthcare sector in 2015 and 2016, the top 10 breaches reported for 2017 were far smaller. The 10 largest incidents of 2017 reported so far affected a combined total of just 2.6 million individuals. And as of Dec.” View More… Read More

Originally published @ Last week Wednesday’s class conversation began around SOPA . . . this week Google took center-stage as the current news topic of interest. The release of Google’s proposed privacy policy gave those of us with Google accounts plenty to consider.  The discussion made me think about what it would take to delete my Google… Read More