When Watch launched last year, it was seen as Facebook’s long-awaited answer to YouTube, but with a platform that was different than Google’s in being largely built on TV-like content from publishers and entertainment brands. However, Watch has struggled to win over users, with many views reportedly coming in from the News Feed as opposed… Read More

CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the conference call with analysts to impress upon the business community how serious it is about changing the News Feed experience in ways that aim to improve people’s well-being and society overall. For marketers, the big takeaway is that it’s getting significantly more expensive to reach Facebook users, with ad prices… Read More

In September 2007, 75 students walked into a classroom at Stanford. Ten weeks later, they had collectively amassed 16 million users, $1 million dollars in advertising revenue, and a formula that would captivate a generation. The class—colloquially known as “The Facebook Class”—and its instructor, BJ Fogg, became Silicon Valley legends. Graduates went on to work… Read More

Facebook says it is intensifying its efforts to control scams and fake news by taking a harder line on “cloaking,” a tactic that bad actors use across the web to avoid detection. “We’ve recently been ramping up our enforcement,” says Rob Leathern, Facebook product management director. “We are making it clear: We don’t tolerate cloaking.”… Read More

Tonight I presented an hour long Facebook primer  at the Spring Lake District Library in Spring Lake, Michigan. We had a good diverse audience with great questions and interactions. The discussion included topics like: Facebook security Facebook related privacy issues Facebook applications Connecting Facebook with other social networks What you should know about the Facebook… Read More