The World Health Organization has defined “gaming disorder” in its list of classified diseases. There’s disagreement over the seriousness of the issue. When does enjoying video games turn from enthusiasm to addiction? The World Health Organization (WHO) is taking steps to answer that question by defining “gaming disorder” in its 11th International Classification of… Read More

Fitbit has made its first-ever start-up investment, putting more than $6 million into an enterprise called Sano, which is developing a coin-sized patch that tracks blood sugar levels to help control diabetes. Building blood-sugar tracking into a future device could dramatically increase the market for Fitbit devices since more than 100 million Americans are now… Read More

Early adopters say that running on robotics makes economic sense because the sortation process is allowing them to maintain bale quality while reducing staffing requirements. In addition, according to some experts, the industry could soon start to see facilities designed to put robotic sortation front and center, a fact that would open the door to… Read More

Amazon has developed capabilities for its Alexa Smart Home Skill API that allow other developers to create skills to allow Alexa-powered devices in the U.S. to control cooking functions on microwave ovens, according to Amazon’s Alexa developers blog. Support for other cooking devices, such as conventional ovens, is coming soon, and capabilities will eventually be… Read More